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Kauai Vow Renewals

Believe it or not, Vow Renewals are my favorite! It is so gratifying to see a couple that has been married 5, 10 or 25 years wanting to share their love.  Sometimes emotions run so strong, that we have to pause for a moment before continuing on.
One interesting thing is that about half of all vow renewal ceremonies are surprises for one of the spouses (often it is the husband surprising his wife).  I am grateful for every vow renewal ceremony I get to be part of.
I perform both Nonreligious and Christian Nondenominational Vow Renewals. Please email me with your preference and I will be happy to send it out. 
You are welcome to make as many additions, deletions or changes that you wish or to provide your own personal vows to each other to add to or replace the vows within the ceremony.
I always tell couples, "it's your vow renewal and you may have it any way you want."  The most important thing is that you have the experience that you will always remember in your hearts.


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